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Protecting The Roof Over Your Head

Commercial and Agricultural Roofing


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Commercial Roofing

Many large commercial properties have flat roofs. Their size necessitates roofing material that is highly impermeable to water in order to prevent damages. TPO (thermoplastic olefin) membranes are a great, cost-effective option for flat roofs because they are more resistant to mold, dirt, and impact-related tears and punctures than other thermoplastic membranes, and are manufactured to be flexible to allow for a building's settling. Our crew expertly installs 60-mil membranes which, in addition to durability, offer excellent long-term heat and UV resistance and can even help reduce your energy costs. 

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Agricultural Roofing

Metal Roofing can be beneficial in areas with heavy snowfall because its smooth surface allows the snow to slide off as it becomes heavier.  Metal can also effectively resist strong winds.  We install steel on both residential and commercial roofs; everything from barns to garages.  We can install ice and snow guards on your metal roof as well.